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Effective IT Transformation Through Managed Services for Microsoft® Solutions

Effective IT Transformation Through Managed Services for Microsoft® Solutions

In today’s complex business landscape, it’s no longer enough for IT departments just to maintain control or react to changes in their technology environments. Instead, modern IT is expected to transform and differentiate the business by getting in front of dynamic requirements and proactively implementing technologies that deliver services that support fluid business needs. Many organizations rely on Microsoft solutions such as Hyper-V®, System Center, Windows Server® and Azure™. Delivering practical solutions to the business based on these offerings is an effective strategy, but one that requires the right combination of efficiency, features, security, control and performance to be effective. It also requires authorities on Microsoft architecture who know how to upgrade, patch, secure, monitor and scale Microsoft technologies. However, with static budgets there’s little room to hire an army of in-house Microsoft experts.

Managed services that support Microsoft environments can take the pressure off of IT staff and help reduce expenses, streamline operations and uncover new functionality and efficiencies. However, managed services have to offer more than just infrastructure. To be effective, managed services must offer the specialized expertise necessary to leverage the full benefits of Microsoft cloud technologies. With new managed services organizations multiplying overnight, it can be difficult to know who can truly help you transform your IT and who is just renting space. Effective managed services should cost less than adding in-house employees, but should offer the specialized knowledge and broad expertise that is required to implement and manage Microsoft environments in the cloud. Ideally, a managed service organization should have a long partnership history with Microsoft and enough confidence in its abilities to offer guaranteed uptime with around-the-clock monitoring and service. Once integrated, managed services should allow in-house IT to reskill and redeploy on projects that are of higher value to the business. When your day-to-day IT administration is handled efficiently and cost-effectively and in-house staff can focus on high-priority business objectives, the business can find a greater competitive edge.

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Rackspace® Managed Services for Microsoft environments help transform IT by giving IT departments the expertise they need to be proactive instead of reactive. When Rackspace experts take on the tasks of implementing, managing and optimizing Microsoft solutions in the cloud, it frees up staff to focus on core business initiatives. Rackspace Managed Services, which support Microsoft solutions, can help you move from just managing keep-the-lights-on activities to becoming a company that facilitates business agility, control and speed to market. Rackspace experts can help you architect and optimize even the most complex cloud configurations. We can also help you keep your applications and infrastructure secure at differentiated service levels that match your business goals. Our Microsoft certified experts can enable your IT department to act as a service provider to the business, get to market faster, maintain governance and control and manage shadow IT expenses.

Rackspace experts are highly skilled in Microsoft technologies. Rackspace Managed Solutions, which support Microsoft environments, come with a 100% uptime guarantee*, a 1-hour hardware replacement guarantee*, and Fanatical Support®. Rackspace is also a Microsoft Cloud OS network partner, a five-time Partner of the Year award recipient and has been recognized by Gartner as a leader in their Magic Quadrant for Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting.


Microsoft solutions such as Hyper-V, System Center, Windows Server and Azure can help you transform your IT. Yet leveraging these solutions requires time that takes in-house staff away from critical projects, as well as expertise that many IT departments just don’t have. Rackspace Managed Solutions, which support Microsoft environments, can help you leverage Microsoft solutions and find the efficiencies, cost savings and functionality needed to transform your IT and your business.

*Subject to limitations. Please see Rackspace terms and conditions for information.

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