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Leveraging Expert Managed Services for Optimal SQL Server Performance

Leveraging Expert Managed Services for Optimal SQL Server Performance

Managed services can help IT improve the quality of their work, but the types of challenges DBAs face vary in particulars, depth and time frame. A one-size-fits-all managed service plan can either be expensive overkill or can fall short of expectations. The problem is, most managed service providers only offer single-subscription options that may not have anything to do with what you’re trying to achieve. Whether you want to extend the life of current SQL Server environment or integrate new functionality like high availability or in-memory, the ability to use flexible managed DBA services for a range of needs from full-scale architecting to ad-hoc troubleshooting can be key to your success. The trick is to find the right balance of budget and expertise.

For example, some organizations need consultants with specialized expertise who can look at how their current infrastructure is performing, predict what the business’s needs will look like in the future and recommend changes that allow IT to scale to the right size at the right time. An analysis of your current environment allows you to get the best ROI out of the infrastructure you already own, while having access to experts in architecture means you can create the best IT framework for your needs without having to add headcount or divert existing resources to special projects.

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Another way to use managed services is for occasional access to experts in order to achieve specific goals. For example, extending the life of SQL Server 2005 is a necessary undertaking for organizations that can’t afford or aren’t ready to migrate workloads within the time frame Microsoft recommends. Engaging expert managed services allows the business to continue using retired technology until budget, time or strategic inclination allow a migration.

Other organizations are enthusiastic about the potential benefits of SQL Server 2014 and would like to take advantage of new features such as workload optimization, advanced high availability, increased application performance and advances to in-memory columnar structure. However, implementing and optimizing all of SQL Server 2014’s functionality can be overwhelming for in-house staff. In this situation, it makes sense to engage experts who can give you everything that you want from the new version of SQL, without all of the complexities, delays and frustrations that come with trying to do it yourself in-house.

The third scenario for engaging managed services is a common one: Overtaxed IT staff are being asked to contribute to projects that move the business forward in addition to maintaining database applications on a daily basis. These folks don’t necessarily need expert architects or advanced tuning services, but they do need reliable help installing, configuring and maintaining database applications.

If you have high-level needs, Rackspace® Managed DBA Services offers full architecting services that allow you to work with experts to create the database environment you need to best support your unique business. Their certified DBAs can also help you extend the life of SQL Server 2005 so you can keep leveraging your investment until you’re ready to migrate and upgrade. When you are ready, Rackspace DBA Services can help you quickly migrate or upgrade existing workloads to SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP, so you can take advantage of scale up performance, faster OLTP workloads, higher database consolidation density, increased uptime and reduced cost of ownership.

If you just need a hand managing SQL Server tasks on a daily basis but you’re not ready or able to add headcount, Rackspace Managed DBA Services can help you manage and maintain your database environments so your in-house staff can focus on critical projects that add value to the business. Rackspace DBA Services is backed by Fanatical Support®, which includes round-the-clock monitoring and a 100% network uptime guarantee, allowing you to reduce the high-impact costs and risks of downtime and meet your SLAs.

Creating and managing SQL Server database environments in today’s technical landscape is complex, and IT staff often struggle with the time and expertise required to keep infrastructure optimized and available. Rackspace Managed DBA Services allows you to find the right balance of expense and expertise by giving you options for SQL Server architecting and management that fit your goals and budget.

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