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Optimizing SQL Server and IT Performance Through Rackspace DBA Services

Optimizing SQL Server and IT Performance Through Rackspace DBA Services

Today’s IT departments are redefining themselves as profit centers instead of just cost centers, and there’s growing pressure on CIOs and IT staff to address a growing backload of projects intended to transform the business. When a database goes down, it takes the underlying apps with it—a highly visible and costly problem. Executives also expect that their IT staff ensure critical workloads are always available, no matter what. However, in-house DBAs are stretched to the breaking point, with many working evenings and weekends just to maintain and troubleshoot their existing environments.

Monitoring servers around-the-clock and guaranteeing uptime is a virtually impossible task for overextended in-house staff. In fact, in-house DBAs spend nearly 70% of their time managing existing database workloads, leaving little time to monitor and upgrade high availability solutions or develop new applications that drive new functionality and efficiencies for the organization as a whole. For example, the new SQL Server 2014 from Microsoft® offers database application optimization via In-Memory OLTP and enhanced high availability that could help to streamline and improve operations. The problem is few IT departments can spare DBA resources for all the activities required to roll it out.

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The first impulse may be just to hire more DBAs. However, IT budgets remain static, DBAs are in high demand and most command premium salaries. The reality is that existing DBAs are being asked to juggle a massive amount of routine administrative work and be more innovative at the same time. In a highly competitive global market, it doesn’t make sense to focus the attention of your most skilled and valuable technical resources on routine maintenance. Organizations that default to this strategy risk inefficient operations, falling behind competitively, and DBA burnout. Instead, leveraging a Managed Data Services solution from Rackspace® for day-to-day administrative activities—including tuning, patching, upgrading, maintaining availability and performing migrations—could help you save time and money, increase employee satisfaction and lower risks.

Rackspace DBA Services for Microsoft SQL Server® databases can free your DBAs to focus on innovation and growth. By utilizing Rackspace DBA Services, you may be able to augment your DBA staff at a fraction of what it would cost to add headcount. Our certified DBAs can help with many aspects of your SQL Server platform, including extending the life of SQL Server 2005. Rackspace DBA Services also allow you to quickly migrate or upgrade existing workloads to SQL Server 2014 In-Memory OLTP, which could help to scale up performance, speed up OLTP workloads, increase database consolidation density, increase uptime and reduce cost of ownership.

You could use Rackspace DBA Services to help architect a database that's reliable, scalable, and fast, and may help you with critical early decisions such as replication and data modeling. As a result, you could save money on licensing, equipment, inefficiencies and may even reduce or eliminate expensive DBA overtime. Rackspace DBA Services come with our renowned Fanatical Support®, round-the-clock monitoring*, and a 100% uptime guarantee*, helping you to reduce the high-impact costs and risks of downtime and meet your SLAs.

In order to remain competitive, today’s organizations must ensure that their infrastructure is optimized and monitored and that high availability solutions are ready for failover in case of an outage. Rackspace DBA Services can help you to augment your in-house staff, architect and optimize infrastructure, alleviate the burden of routine IT maintenance, help extend the life of legacy systems and optimize new technologies such as SQL Server 2014. What’s more, perhaps Rackspace DBA Services can help you to achieve these things at a fraction of the cost of increasing full-time headcounts.

*Subject to limitations. Please see Rackspace’s product terms for details.

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