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Leveraging the Cloud For Better IT Productivity

These days, IT teams at organizations of every kind are stretched thin, yet more is demanded of them than ever. Even as routine maintenance tasks take up more of their time, businesses expect them to work on transformative initiatives in hopes of gaining a competitive edge.

All of these demands strain IT, and one solution is to find an organization that can take part of the burden. Outside teams with specific expertise can perform some of the more basic tasks to free up your company to do more with your time. Find out how you can capitalize on Rackspace® expertise and support.

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  • Considerations for Deploying Hybrid Clouds on Microsoft® Azure™ and Cloud Platform

    To stay competitive, businesses must innovate and grow while improving time to market, increasing ROI and decreasing TCO. One of the biggest challenges in achieving these goals is growing complexity in the data center. In order to succeed in the new technology landscape, IT must embrace simplicity. Federating public and private cloud resources allows organizations to streamline IT services and run Microsoft workloads in the most optimized and appropriate environments. Continue Reading

  • Choosing the Right Hybrid Cloud Solution for Microsoft SQL Server

    Whether you run SQL Server on a dedicated server, use database as a service in a public cloud, run SQL Server on Azure® or other public cloud platforms, new configuration options can help you streamline IT service and reduce costs. The challenge is figuring out which scenario meets your needs, and how to implement it without an army of experts. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each so you can reduce costs and improve service without adding headcount. Continue Reading

  • Optimizing Your Microsoft® Investments Through Managed Services

    It's no longer enough just to deploy and manage your Microsoft applications; true ROI now comes from leveraging all the benefits these powerful applications have to offer and optimizing them within your unique environment. The trouble is that most businesses don't have the in-house expertise required to get the most out of Microsoft applications, especially when it comes to leveraging cloud stack technology such as Azure® and Microsoft Cloud Platform. Continue Reading

  • Why DIY? Managed Cloud Hosting Makes Collaboration Apps Easy

    Most end users expect Microsoft® productivity tools like SharePoint®, Exchange and Skype® for Business to “just work.” But in reality, implementing a business-wide solution to enable employee communication is a complex proposition, and taking a DIY approach to deploying and managing these tools can significantly strain IT resources. Continue Reading

  • Effective IT Transformation Through Managed Services for Microsoft® Solutions

    In today’s complex business landscape, it’s no longer enough for IT departments just to maintain control or react to changes in their technology environments. Instead, modern IT is expected to transform and differentiate the business by getting in front of dynamic requirements and proactively implementing technologies that deliver services that support fluid business needs Continue Reading

  • Hosted Microsoft® Productivity & Collaboration Tools Help Deliver Greater Uptime & IT Optimization

    Skilled IT resources are expensive to recruit, hire and maintain, and capable IT resources have higher ambitions than just monitoring and troubleshooting applications all day. Still, it’s nearly impossible for talented staff to find time for higher value tasks or evaluating new technologies, functionalities and efficiencies that could benefit the business. Continue Reading

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